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How to easily stitch (join) your images.

For this example we are using Panorama Maker to stitch (join) our photos.

After Purchasing Panorama Maker, come back to this page for step by step instructions on how to make your panorama (panoramic) photo or picture. The information below is given free of charge & is there to help you in setting up your photos for printing. We take no reasonability for any errors & unless you are a customer (have brought products or services from us) we are unable to help any further.

Step 1 - Taking Your Photos

Using a tripod, gives a more accurate result but we have found Panorama Maker will stitch & blend without the need for time consuming contraptions.

When taking the photos on left (the new Queenscliff Marina on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia) it was not possible to use a tripod, these were taken on steps and wire cables interrupted the view. We took as many photos panning from left to right & right to left.

When using a digital camera it does not matter how many photos you take because there is no film to develop, it's just a matter of deleting the ones you don't desire or don't match.

Simply, set the camera to manual - Don't use the flash or auto zoom & take as many photos as you want, panning slowly, you can always delete the photos that did not fit or were blurry, at a later stage.

Step 2 - Stiching The Photos

Panorama Maker automatically selects all the photos that were taken in sequence however, if you took a lot of photos it is best to select the photos you desire. Panorama Maker will stitch 360 degrees however the more photos you stitch the thinner the photo will become. We have found, stitching 4 to 7 photos will give the best cropping allowance for the printing of standard panoramic 210mm x 1020mm.

After selecting the photos, click the stitch button and in a few seconds your photo will be ready.

Step 3 - Saving The Photos

Panorama Maker automatically crops the maximum printable area. If the photo does not look quite right then there is a clever manual stitching tool that you can use, however we found most our photos have never needed manual interference, the less time you spend correcting images the better. Panorama Maker also blend the colours so if there are any slight light differences within the photos, you won't see them after stitching. You will be amazed at what you can do using this program. It's simple, yet very advanced for Panorama Making. Always save the file as the highest of quality. Panorama maker gives you options for this.

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