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The photo's above were captured using a Cannon D50 Camera. Panorama Maker used to Stitch. Frames were placed on top of the image using Print Magic 3D Panoramic Frames, we sell the above prints using an Epson 1430 Photo Printer with pigment inks on Print Magic Panoramic Resin Coated Photo Paper (Roll Paper). Everything apart from the camera is sold here at Products 4 Inkjets.

All you need for making perfect panoramas:-

  • A digital camera. No need for a special camera, ANY cameras can make Panoramic's.
  • Panorama Maker:- Not only the best, but the easiest program to use.

After Purchasing Panorama Maker, come back to this website for step by step instructions on how to make your panorama (panoramic) photo or picture. Click here to go to

  • An Inkjet printer, preferably an Epson printer as Epson are the ONLY mainstream printers that will print the longest up to 1.1 metres (SEE RIGHTHAND COLUM FOR , MORE INFO.) We recommend & sell packages using an Epson Artisan 1430 Printer.

  • Print Magic Photo Paper ROLLS. A4 (210mm) for standard printers or A3+ (330mm) for A3 Printers.

  • Print Magic Paper Photo Frames: These beautiful 3D High Resolution Photo Frames will save you a fortune on framing costs. Why buy expensive frames when you can print them directly from your printer.

  • Optional: A publishing software program like Corel Draw, MS Publisher, Adobe Illustrator etc.. These make the printing, sizing & manipulation of your work SUPER SIMPLE. Photo Programs like Photo Shop, Photo impact etc.. can also be used but sizing is more difficult. We have a special package available which include everything, apart from Camera & Publishing Software or photo software as these usually come with your camera or computer purchase.


Use Any Digital Camera

Instead of taking 1 shot, take more panning from left to right & right to left. This way if you have small or cheap camera you will increase the size, (mega pixels) because later you can join or stitch the photos together.

Joining or stitching can be done using a stitching program. We recommend Panorama Maker. We find this program is easy to use & does not require ANY knowledge about joining photos, You will be impressed.

All the photos taken from this site's home page were made without using a tripod.

Simply, set the camera to manual - Don't use the flash or auto zoom & take as many photos as you want, panning slowly, you can always delete the photos that did not fit or were blurry, at a later stage.

Choosing the correct printer

One important factor in printing your panoramic photos is the printer you want to use.

Epson are the only mainstream inkjet printers that allow printing of longer sheets (more than 1 metre), also their A4 & A3 printers, like their workforce or Artisan range of printers allow for a wider sheet, this gives MAXIMUM output for your prints.

In saying the above you can use any ink jet printer to print Panoramic photos, just remember that you won't get a super long photo.

430mm - 820mm are the normal maximum lengths for HP's - Canon - Lexmarks etc..

Printing On Long Paper

IF you want to print on a roll of photo paper you do NOT need a printer with a roll attachment.

Simply unroll the paper to the desired length and cut the paper.

Print Magic Paper import & custom make photo paper rolls to their specifications. It's what the pro's use for wedding photography.

Epson are the only other providers of similar rolls of paper however the cost is considerably higher than Print Magic Paper.


Framing Your Panoramic Photos

Print Magic Paper has developed a range of 3D printable frames, that will not only save you a fortune in framing costs but will make your panorama photos stand out from the rest.

A typical cost for framing a 330mm x 1020mm photo costs around $375.

You can download a set of frames from this site for a mere $4.95, or buy & download the complete sets for only $79.95

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