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Print Magic panoramic printer package delivers excellence in quality & price. We have done our home work and find that the following package will not only give the best in making panoramas but also make it viable (very cheap) in production costs.

The package includes a Epson 1430 Printer, Frame Templates, Panoramic Photo Paper and a Fitted CIS (Inking System) with an extra set 100ml inks. No need to buy ink cartridges saving you thousands in consumables. Click Here to Learn More about the CIS Systems. The following deal is only sold as a package. We are able to change the package slightly to suit (more ink less paper or visa versa). There is very little margin on the Epson printer so please understand that this is our best price.

We only stock the best high end A3+ Epson printers but in saying that, only those that can be fitted with our CIS Systems as we ensure the closest colour calibration to the Epson colour profile.

What you get & Why you get it.

  1. An Epson A3+ Panoramic 1430 WiFi printer. The plus (+) means Oversize A3 you get an additional 3cm width BORDERLESS, it may not seem like much but it makes a big difference when viewing a normal A3 size, in fact an A2 is only 10cm more & if you take off borderless there is only an 8cm difference. Considering the cost of an A2 printer is around $2,500 it makes the A3+ real good value at $399. Click here for all the specks on the printer. NOTE: The 1430 is best suited for printing longer sheets, all other Epson's A3 are not designed for this type of work as they are TRAY fed & are designed for paper work NOT card printing. Also the 1430 uses 6 inks to enhance facial skin & other tones.
  2. Fitted CIS Ink System, Click Here for more info, PLUS an extra set of 100ml Print Magic calibrated, highly filtered inks.
  3. Panorama Photo Paper On A Roll. Click Here for more info:
    1. 1 Roll A3+ 33cm x 10m Resin Coated Satin
    2. 1 Roll A4 21cm x 10m Resin Coated Satin
    3. 3 Rolls A4 21cm x 10m Cast Coated Gloss
    4. 10 Sheets Plain Paper 32cm x 1.02m (used for testing or plain banner printing.
  4. 3D Panorama Frames DVD, save money by adding a Panoramic frame to your photos. Click Here for more info.


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